Defended 101, 2004). As the society suffers destradicionalizaes daily, as effect, autonomy to the citizens is guaranteed to filter the information that receive. The current society understands that the search for preserving the past without reflection is inconceivable. The defended tradition of traditional form is seen as irrefletido fundamentalismo, and as such, unhealthy. Soon, reflectivity also is synonymous of a bigger human development (GIDDENS, 1994). As> internal world external world then is abolished (BERGER; LUCKMANN, 1995; VIGOTSKI, 1999; WALNUT, 2001). The human being, as to be gregrio that it is, alone must be thought> is the proper condition of our thought, at the same time where is half to represent the reality (IBEZ, 2004, P. 46). Being a vehicle surely notable of expression of the significant contents of the citizens, also of the o agreement necessary to understand its circles of interaction. The speech passes to be understood thus, as the linguistic set that supports and stimulates these social relations. The language and the speech pass to be seen, not only a form of disarticulated and untied expression, but as an interchange where the joints of the power and knowing if reveal (IIGUEZ, 2004; FOULCAULT, 1977). This also is one of the reasons for which social construcionismo includes in its studies> questioning the estimated ones of the essencialismo, the social construcionista theory dislocated the focus of the attention of the person for the social domain (WALNUT, 2001, P. 146). This means that, differently of other theories that naturalize the phenomena created by the proper man, the Construcionismo criticizes the traditional models, problematizando them with inquiries in its partner-historical roots (BOCK, 2004; CURED, 2008). The social phenomena then are problematizados ...
Outdoor Advertising Outdoor advertising, sounding in the street or in public transport tends to be minimalist. Most often it is written on the announcer's voice quiet. This is very true. Indeed, in a noisy environment is very difficult to catch details in the sound. Length: Standard (up to 60 seconds.) Long (more than 60 sec.) Basic timekeeping standard radio spots - it's 15 or 30 seconds. Most of the radio spots tend to fit into one of these two time values. If 30 seconds, sometimes a little swings on giperformat - double tridtsatisekundnik (60 sec.) Then it is not commercial, but the whole transmission. In television, the bulk of the commercials in the standard ad unit is also not more than 60 seconds. This time is enough to tell you about the product and its basic properties that will not tire the audience and fit into your advertising budget. But most of the sound is not tied to advertising expensive rotation. Corporate films, multimedia presentations, telephone advertising, ads in stores and many other promotional messages can afford to exceed the limit of sixty seconds. The sustainability: korotkovremennaya (from once to several weeks), long-term (several weeks to several years) depending on the purpose of advertising it placed on the different time periods. For example, advertising stock, announcements of programs, different audio ads are usually short-term advertising, since its output is preceded by an event (sale, concert, show), and after an event happens, stop be relevant, and therefore leaves the rotation. As for the product and image advertising, it can be on the air much longer to appear and disappear for months, changing broadcast channels.

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