Indirect Flights Travel search engine Skyscanner (www.skyscanner.ru) allows you to find cheap flights for both direct and transit flights to. In this way, users can choose what they more important: time or money. Those who take into account, above all, financial side of things, suitable indirect flights. For example, a flight from London to Delhi with a change in Bahrain will cost 37% less than the shortest time a direct flight between the two capitals. May save * Russians: Moscow - London (flight - November 1, Monday; back - November 14, Sunday). Tickets for a direct flight British Airways is about 11,000 rubles. At the same time the airline Malev offers a cheap (9400 rubles). For the flight to transfer in Budapest. True, the transit time of flight is 3 hours longer. Moscow - Paris (departure - October 9, Saturday; back - 23 October, Saturday). Air France has direct flights on this route will cost 17 355 rubles. Airline Alitalia offers reach the French capital with a connection in Rome for only 10 255 rubles. (Almost 41% cheaper). In a way will have to spend 8 hours and 35 minutes longer. Moscow - Madrid (flight - August 6, Friday; back - August 20, Friday). With the Spanish carrier Iberia flight this will cost 15,545 rubles. Czech Airlines has flights with a transfer in Prague cost 14 247 rubles. Travel time in the second case more 3 hours 35 minutes. * For comparison, selected the shortest time direct flights and the cheapest options for indirect flights. Recently conducted a survey with Skyscanner about how tourists are willing to transit flights in order to save money. More than 75% of respondents choose direct flights, but 20% is generally considered to more attractive, if in the process of transplanting can see the city. "In our...

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