Administrative Director In any case, it is more reasonable to think that the murderers would be others, than if interesadisimos in the family fortune of the sr Fefer, father of the murdered. Have those who accused again and again to Eva? The father, the brother, said the press. And precisely that is the brother that most claims have received very little of the inheritance of his grandfather and we don't know because he claimed, if his grandfather, not mentioned in the Testament does something bad no? Who has plenty reason to be Cabanes, annoying, with the last will of the grandfather of Eva? The answer is simple: those who nothing received, despite being brothers, sons, grandson. Will they not be those who organized this macabre crime? To test as it thinks the opinion published in Peru and to demonstrate that people of a foot, the Peruvian joint, in the majority of the population, does not have a personal opinion, misrepresents the facts, and that prefers convince raja tables the nonsense that publishes newspapers, who say television programmes and radio, let's take this opinion of a 21 year old girlpublished in Peru Net forums, under the pseudonym alilu5124, July 2009, 192 message, at 16. 38, frequent member who says in response to the comment of another young man who believes on the case: It's funny, you yourself say that you believe that Eva is innocent and say that the press you made all the blame and that it wants to see prey, etc etc. . do you get the conclusion of a text of an article published on the web by a gentleman who is an Instructor of private security? Do you or don't you think the press, but if someone who writes on the web? We can observe that the girl who...
Environment: The Three Rs Reduce, reuse and recycle: the formula to reduce the environmental impact on the planet. Our daily habits have a lot to do with environmental degradation. See what we can do from our habits of consumption. Did you know that by 2050 we will need two planets to live? So, we consume resources faster than our planet takes to regenerate. Countries like the United States consume 30% of the resources and produce wastes, the same percentage, 80% of the planet's forests have disappeared and 40% of waterways are no longer drinking. The worst is that the figures did not stop growing and soon there will be plenty to do. Therefore, it is necessary that we all take small actions that could reach a difference. Global warming is causing irreparable consequences. Severe droughts, causing increased water scarcity, rising sea levels that will result in coastal flooding and heat waves are some of the most visible consequences. If situation continues, the forests, fields and cities face new pests and diseases caused by pollution. Additionally, disruption of habitats such as coral reefs and forests could result in the extinction of many plant and animal species. The perfect formula acts as a routine without separating out the garbage, wasting water, leave the light on and buy disposable utensils, among many other practices, contribute greatly to environmental pollution. However, you can do something from home, office and city. Remember that 10 drops of water per minute equals 2,000 gallons of wasted water per year. Then, practical advice and useful so you can bring to the planet.

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