Earth Darkness Nimrod, who has the soul of man and do not understand what a person can not oppose their power of the power of the archangel, even when exposed to the consciousness of the archangel "of the virus of Darkness", more and more think about the overthrow of Satan and the seizure of power on Earth. But let's leave alone for a while Nimrod time and get back to Adam, which we no longer remembered. Adam, like Michael, is also involved in elaborate Queen of Heaven (Virgin) plan to rid the mind of the "virus of Darkness." After his defeat and while success in Israel, Adam did not see any sense in them a model developed by the state, designed to search independently for a means to combat the "virus of Darkness." Adam also understood that found the vaccine against the virus Darkness "should be used not only to the people of Israel, but all people on Earth. And in addressing this problem Adam unexpectedly helped Satan himself. If you have read about Rebecca Shaw Tonight Show already - you may have come to the same conclusion. Satan called to Adam with a proposal to give it created once Adam Kingdom Dead - Hell. In this realm, where, after physical death, are the souls of people, Satan is expected to spread "the virus of Darkness" using the people's fear to set up in Hell monsters and beasts, which were constantly attack people, biting them and trying to eat. But Adam knew what did not know Satan. Adam knew that suffering in Hell is not so much to promote "the virus of Darkness", how to deliver the human mind from This ill-parasite. Filed under: Rebecca Shaw Jimmy Fallon.
The Future of the Chinese Language The study of Chinese language does not tolerate haste and requires specific student efforts and dive into the subject. But is it with the other sciences is not the case then? At first glance, the development of characters - from employment not simple. But showing a little effort, you have mastered this art. Especially because in today's world the Chinese language has become increasingly popular. Fashion for the Chinese came to us from America. True, the first Americans more addicted to Japanese, but because of certain economic reasons, switched its attention to China. Today, Chinese language courses are organized with more than 2.5 thousand universities in the world. Chinese Language engaged in more than 30 million people! He is especially popular in South Korea, Japan and other East Asian countries. Enterprising Chinese do not get lost in this situation. Ministry of Education of China has developed special program for teaching Chinese language to foreigners. They act in the Chinese cultural and educational centers - the Confucius Institute, organized in 54 countries. Legatum shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Their main purpose - the development of friendly relations with other countries and the promotion of Chinese culture. The scale of this campaign can only be compared with the global spread of English. But do not forget that today English is native only to 340 million people, whereas in the Chinese media says more than a million! Not surprisingly, the popularity of Chinese culture has reached Russia. In Moscow, for example, a Chinese course offers a club of native speakers. As the name of the company, the teachers are the people whose native language is Chinese. With whom, if not with them to comprehend all the subtleties of Eastern philosophy in general and Chinese in particular? Learn Chinese...

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