Black And White Holes The notion of a black hole is inextricably linked with the birth of stars. All particles of a newborn star (protostar), of which it is formed, are attracted to its center of gravity forces, meeting no resistance. Therefore, the star begins to shrink. As the contraction of the protostar, the temperature increases, and occurs in the nucleus of a thermonuclear reaction. As the temperature in the inner layers of the star increases the internal pressure which tends to loosen it. When Contraction occurs balance (gravity) and decompresses the forces (centrifugal forces and internal pressure), protostar becomes a star, and can exist in a stable condition billions of Earth years. When burn out all the hydrogen and helium in turn, old age comes the star. And then - death. Large and small stars are dying in different ways. Small stars, which include our Sun, do not die so spectacularly as massive. When gravitational forces are directed into our solar balanced by the forces of repulsion that exist between individual particles, the compression stop, and the sun gradually cooled down and turned into a white dwarf. Otherwise, things with big stars. Continue to learn more with: Chase Koch, Wichita KS. There are two possibilities. If after a certain compression star still retained a certain amount of matter that could explode, it explodes, releasing its outer layers into space. However, if the mass of the large star is much greater than twice the mass of our Sun, its ability to explode sooner or later run out. It will continue to shrink to a critical radius and critical density.
The Future of the Chinese Language The study of Chinese language does not tolerate haste and requires specific student efforts and dive into the subject. But is it with the other sciences is not the case then? At first glance, the development of characters - from employment not simple. But showing a little effort, you have mastered this art. Especially because in today's world the Chinese language has become increasingly popular. Fashion for the Chinese came to us from America. True, the first Americans more addicted to Japanese, but because of certain economic reasons, switched its attention to China. Today, Chinese language courses are organized with more than 2.5 thousand universities in the world. Chinese Language engaged in more than 30 million people! He is especially popular in South Korea, Japan and other East Asian countries. Enterprising Chinese do not get lost in this situation. Ministry of Education of China has developed special program for teaching Chinese language to foreigners. They act in the Chinese cultural and educational centers - the Confucius Institute, organized in 54 countries. Legatum shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Their main purpose - the development of friendly relations with other countries and the promotion of Chinese culture. The scale of this campaign can only be compared with the global spread of English. But do not forget that today English is native only to 340 million people, whereas in the Chinese media says more than a million! Not surprisingly, the popularity of Chinese culture has reached Russia. In Moscow, for example, a Chinese course offers a club of native speakers. As the name of the company, the teachers are the people whose native language is Chinese. With whom, if not with them to comprehend all the subtleties of Eastern philosophy in general and Chinese in particular? Learn Chinese...

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