The Future of the Chinese Language The study of Chinese language does not tolerate haste and requires specific student efforts and dive into the subject. But is it with the other sciences is not the case then? At first glance, the development of characters - from employment not simple. But showing a little effort, you have mastered this art. Especially because in today's world the Chinese language has become increasingly popular. Fashion for the Chinese came to us from America. True, the first Americans more addicted to Japanese, but because of certain economic reasons, switched its attention to China. Today, Chinese language courses are organized with more than 2.5 thousand universities in the world. Chinese Language engaged in more than 30 million people! He is especially popular in South Korea, Japan and other East Asian countries. Enterprising Chinese do not get lost in this situation. Ministry of Education of China has developed special program for teaching Chinese language to foreigners. They act in the Chinese cultural and educational centers - the Confucius Institute, organized in 54 countries. Legatum shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Their main purpose - the development of friendly relations with other countries and the promotion of Chinese culture. The scale of this campaign can only be compared with the global spread of English. But do not forget that today English is native only to 340 million people, whereas in the Chinese media says more than a million! Not surprisingly, the popularity of Chinese culture has reached Russia. In Moscow, for example, a Chinese course offers a club of native speakers. As the name of the company, the teachers are the people whose native language is Chinese. With whom, if not with them to comprehend all the subtleties of Eastern philosophy in general and Chinese in particular? Learn Chinese...
Education: Windows Vs. Linux Now is a lot of talk about the need for translation of educational institutions to use free software, and the first candidate is called, naturally, Linux. Of course, the calculation does not shall pay the commercial distributions, and also commercial applications, but only those that have a license to gpl (we should not forget about the quality of Russification). Moreover, within the priority national "Education" offered a choice of several versions of the distribution of so-called "school of Linux, developed by the domestic company alt Linux and promoted by a group of companies" Armada "(). In addition to free these distributions, the advantages to this solution include ease and simplicity of installation, as well as an extensive set of preset training programs and background materials. This is certainly good, but here distributions are installed on computers in school computer labs - and what's next? Naturally, the further exploitation of the installed operating system starts. I draw the reader's attention to the fact that now we have in mind does not work with os and programs in the form of an educational process, namely the technical operation, or administration. Now tell me, dear reader: have you seen a lot of Linux-literate managers, simply put, nerds? Yes, I saw, but little and mostly in fairly large cities, where there is a fairly large organization with a decent IT-infrastructure. All other content to Windows Server 2003 and coming sysadmin, part-time student at a local technical college, or pay extra part-time advanced to his employee. Christopher Chandler spoke with conviction.

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