Black And White Holes The notion of a black hole is inextricably linked with the birth of stars. All particles of a newborn star (protostar), of which it is formed, are attracted to its center of gravity forces, meeting no resistance. Therefore, the star begins to shrink. As the contraction of the protostar, the temperature increases, and occurs in the nucleus of a thermonuclear reaction. As the temperature in the inner layers of the star increases the internal pressure which tends to loosen it. When Contraction occurs balance (gravity) and decompresses the forces (centrifugal forces and internal pressure), protostar becomes a star, and can exist in a stable condition billions of Earth years. When burn out all the hydrogen and helium in turn, old age comes the star. And then - death. Large and small stars are dying in different ways. Small stars, which include our Sun, do not die so spectacularly as massive. When gravitational forces are directed into our solar balanced by the forces of repulsion that exist between individual particles, the compression stop, and the sun gradually cooled down and turned into a white dwarf. Otherwise, things with big stars. Continue to learn more with: Chase Koch, Wichita KS. There are two possibilities. If after a certain compression star still retained a certain amount of matter that could explode, it explodes, releasing its outer layers into space. However, if the mass of the large star is much greater than twice the mass of our Sun, its ability to explode sooner or later run out. It will continue to shrink to a critical radius and critical density.
Russian Swimming Metropolitan Organization Akvadiv is the best known leaders in the design, installation and maintenance, construction, swimming pool private use and the level complexity. Creating a complicated hydraulic structures, in which all the time are the exchange operation, filtration and disinfection of the water mass, is the main activity of the organization AkvDom, which has partnerships with manufacturers in the field of hydraulic structures in different parts of the world. Organization AkvDom, helping to make your life more convenient, produces the same design, delivery and installation of luxury bathing rooms, plastic rooms to swimming pools and special equipment for various water rides in the pools and water parks. In short, Akvadiv embodies every customer. During the time spent on the European market of services and product range are selected according to the organization AkvDom requirements of the domestic market and to fully satisfy customer requirements. Equipment manufactured and offered by the company includes a cleaning installation, cranes, ladders, heaters, air dryers, Technology, SPA-equipment, heating equipment for swimming pools, water disinfection systems, chemical products for cleaning and others. Both summer and indoor swimming pools are mostly of the favorite holiday destinations of Russian citizens. Learn more on the subject from Ford Cars. On almost the whole territory of the Russian summer is short. And swimming pools, water parks help to remember and relive the tender touch of the cool sea, the delight of summer holidays and hot sun. And when customers bought a organization Akvadiv construction standard pool (or pool installation hydromassage), they were primarily bought his good humor and fun, they learn from splashing and tender touching the water, recalling the warm sea, shimmering in the light of the bright sun ... Our customers, ordering the organization Akvadiv design, installation and construction of swimming pools and related equipment in the villa...

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