The Time Misconception number 3. In order to be successful and all have time, you must learn to do things quickly and efficiently. With this approach, we fill the day before the rejection by various chores and tasks, trying to get done as soon as possible more and fill in any spare time with something useful. In this part of the processes are crumpled up and poorly executed - a report drawn up in haste, which would still have to adapt, lunch on the run, not bringing any benefit or pleasure, a quick visit to the client, not leading to improved relations. However, many important matters remain outstanding at all - sports, time with family, self-development. If you learn to perceive your day as the limited space that can accommodate only a certain number of cases and events that you consciously choose precisely the problem that you are really important in this the period of your life. Misconception number 4. Need to compile a list of important things not only for the day, but weekly and monthly. Discard the compilation of lists of cases and replace it with a list of main areas in which you work this period of life. Firstly, in terms of reality - you must be flexible enough to respond to the diverse contingencies that continually arise in life. And it means that your the list will still be constantly changing and updated. Secondly, we are all very unrealistic estimate the time required for a particular case and do not take into account the time to buildup, preparation or completion of the case that some data up to 20 percent of the time.

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