Franconian Helmbrechts Da RAUMEDIC all common materials of standard plastics, technical and High-performance plastics processes up to the silicone, can the technicians and engineers select the most suitable material for the application and task, or, if necessary, develop. Melt processable since last year also a new PTFE material is PTFE the variety of processable materials. Through the ElringKlinger development of Moldflon, PTFE can be processed first thermoplastic. It thereby retains all the classic characteristics of PTFE and is therefore ideally suited for use in medical instruments and components. Its properties include a comprehensive chemical and thermal resistance at high temperatures, as well as at extremely low temperatures. In addition, it is non-flammable and has a very good sliding behaviour. ElringKlinger provides the innovative material RAUMEDIC exclusively for defined medical applications. Another plus is the Eigencompoundierung of certain formulations compounding in the own House. In particular when Catheter materials such as PUR or PA is a major advantage of this. RAUMEDIC can also on the expertise of sister company REHAU AG + Co access. Complete in-house runs beyond the PVC compounding. RAUMEDIC extrusion, injection moulding and Assembly under one roof at the processing can use a broad technology portfolio. Under one roof, the company combines the extrusion of tubes and foil tubes, single - and multi-component injection molding of molded parts and Assembly to semi-finished and finished products. This is done % in process control often automatically using a 100. Certain complete catheter products which ultimately sealed in a sterile packaging and be sterilized, the installation can also manually or semi automated in the form of stamping, printing, thermoforming, assembling and packaging done. Electronic components find their way into the final product. RAUMEDIC RAUMEDIC uses made in Germany in the choice of its production sites with three works the location Germany. Here the...

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