DeSheli "Intelligent crystals" - this is the last word biotechnology in the field of cosmetology. They went into the foundation of all products of DeSheli. Bioinformatics "smart crystals" are programmed to restore the natural properties the skin and strengthen its local immunity. This is due to resonance: the treatment of like with like. So works like a vaccination against smallpox: doctors vaccinate healthy person smallpox light and thus protect it from contamination more severe. By the same token, there are "intelligent crystals": as a "vaccination" of old age. In this case, it becomes clear principle of the drugs DeSheli - read the information about the processes of "growing up" inherent nature and time, and their reversal at the cellular and molecular level. In this play the main role is "intelligent crystals." They are designed not only to enhance the impact of cosmetic preparations, in which they belong, at the expense of maximizing the efficiency of its high-quality natural ingredients, but also to get to work at full capacity the organism man, directing his potential for cell regeneration and restoration of natural functioning. Thus, the presence of "crystals" in cosmetics can more quickly see the effects from the use of these funds: wrinkles and folds, correction of the face contour, providing a lifting effect, the disappearance of age spots, making skin healthy and glowing appearance. This unique result is possible because the particles produced from sucrose, are able to retain the information about the properties inherent in the cream, lotion, tonic or other drugs, and without loss to bring them to our skin, whereas in many other cosmetic products change in properties is observed at the time of storage.
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