The Internet Under another point of view, each time is observed more, the medias of mass molding the ideas and the opinions them groups, that is, in our society the communication vehicles search to reach to all to inculcar its manufactured ideas, generating behavior standards. This process comes more if intensifying each time thanks to the use of technologies and, mainly, for the Internet, transforming the individual into true ' ' citizens virtuais' '. The question that if places is as the human being must become related with the technological progress? The Internet created a new space for the thought, the knowledge and the communication. It changed the daily one, the relationships, in end changed the form to see the world. The technology has facilitated in very the life of the people, and the progress is in all the places. Therefore, everything what it is produced as development of the technology does not have to be intitled as good or bad in its proper structure, but yes in the way as it is used. Displayed of more drastic form, the uncontrolled use of the technology destroys the sources vital of our essence. Mine social relations that become the life worthy of being lived. Beyond the brought benefits, the one that if to consider a concern with the curses brought for computerization, mainly in the Internet question, where the human behavior and its interpersonal relationships strengthen the isolation, the individualism and the masked relations for false images, creating at the same time a distanciamento of the Real and, as in it affirms Pierre to them Weil (1987, p.123) ' ' barriers in the communications interpessoais.' ' Each time more we are been deceptive by social standards that the external one values, having in detriment of the affection, the relations truily human beings. In...
Gestapo Lyagin Komsomolskaya. He displayed a conditional number "283", reminiscent of that city released on March 28. Viktor Viktor Lyagin Lyagin arrived in Nikolaev on the eve of the occupation of invaders at the end of July 1941 on a mission to create a commando group to fight the Germans. Later, it included experienced scouts the underground that have deployed active in collecting and disseminating sensitive information, have organized a number of major acts of sabotage. In particular, under the guidance of Lyagina November 7, 1941 was sunk by the dock, which disrupted the enemy's plans to organize in Nikolaev repair warships. September 30, 1942 in the town was established organization, "Nicholas Center," which maintained contact with the underground organizations of Mykolayiv and Kherson regions. Her head was Lyagin VA. Organization carried out extensive propaganda among the population, commit sabotage, plans disrupted the Nazis in Germany for hijacking youth. In February 1943 the Germans took to the track Lyagina, arrested him and had a inhumane torture in jails Gestapo. May 17, 1943 VA Lyagin was shot. Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded the Victor Lyagin posthumously. In memory of the scout, his name is called street in Nikolaev, a bust and plaque. In the house where he lived, The museum is located underground and partisan movements in Nikolaev in the Great Patriotic War. Vladimir Andreyev Palagnyuk-Lieutenant Vladimir Andreev state security came in Nikolayev as reconnaissance of the Red Army General Staff to make contact with the local underground resistance. According to the documents it was listed as Anatoly Palagnyuk.

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