Modern Bedroom A blanket of velvet, plush quadrants, footboard, accessories in red ... Change air your bedroom to be more warm and comfortable is easy. To have a modern bedroom is affordable if you take into account a few details. Use fabrics with warm materials and textures are pleasant to touch addition to the presence of wood, the color of the walls and furniture finishing, the feeling of comfort in the bedroom is provided largely complementary textiles. Col chas, curtains, cushions and plaids velvet, chenille, wool, thick linens, etc., Manage to give the warm and welcoming touch that we seek. One suggestion: a bed dressed in a beautiful velvet and linen coverlet a bright golden-yellow hue claims the star, also a ladder of many delicate embroidered cushions with subtle tones. Decorate everything in white is the fashion, bright and will help you create a relaxing atmosphere. If you have a seat, retapizala with a cotton canvas or, better yet, charge a case as you can wash at home. Whitening comfortable with paint, but that does not look new, Lijalad unevenly, focusing on the edges. Furthermore, also saw the bed linen, with a quilted bedspread and matching quadrants, and if you want to give a romantic touch, add a net of gauze. Add natural supplements Change lampshades warmer by other vegetable fiber, which provide a pleasant and happy lighting a table, or vanity or camoda, with a small bouquet of fragrant fresh flowers and soft colors. Achieving a delicate and romantic effect. Foot bed: Put a fabric color and subtle An easy way to renew the bedroom by introducing a bit of color goes to renew the sidewalk that is placed at the foot of the bed with a warm touch fabric and a bright color or print . To change your image,...

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