Shopping Conversely The popularity of online shopping is growing every year. It would seem to be easy, you find the desired product on an online store, ordered, and you brought it straight home, or, for example, in the office. No need to go around shops in the city, stuck in traffic jams and queues at the cash register, you can make a purchase from your sofa. Yes, and often the goods in online stores are cheaper than in hypermarkets, which is due to lower overhead costs content on-line store. But it turns out to buy the online store you favorite thing so even at a price lower than that of many not so easy! Let's start with the search. By typing the name into a search engine you require the goods, such as hododilnik, you will receive search results in more than 30 million pages! Having spent considerable time reviewing and usually no more than 30-40 sites, you choose how you think the best option for themselves and decide to buy goods in the selected shop. And here we have the following complexity, some stores for that would order the product, you must go through the procedure of mandatory registration, which sometimes resembles a puzzle. It happens that the contact details shop hidden so deep within a site, it takes some time, that would figure out how to contact the store. But that's not all! Finally, you register or get called (which is not always easy, some store is busy constantly), or otherwise contacted with an online store, and here it turns out that the chosen product is not available, or it sold much more than stated on the website (explained the shop did not have time to change the price on the site) or the terms of delivery you did not...

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