Toxoplasma If you continue to work or study - analyze your business apart for harm to the future of the fetus (radiation, electromagnetic effects, contact with drugs and other chemicals). All ambiguities discuss with specialist (see 2 nd week). This period - not the best time for setting-up pets. Many cats infected with Toxoplasma. In the primary contact during pregnancy, this microbe can cause disease in the mother and cause genetic defects and other disorders in organs and tissues of the fetus. However, if the cat in your family live long enough, it is quite possible that you have a natural protection against the disease. You can verify this by checking the level of protective antibodies in your blood (where and how this can be done - tell your doctor). In addition, it is desirable to examine your pet at the vet. In any case, engaged in service of the cat toilet utensils should not you and someone from the household. Try also not to feed the cat raw meat and limit its ability to catch mice, rats and pigeons. Desirable to communicate with street counterparts. As for dogs, there are not many diseases that they can infect humans. Closely following the four-legged friend can avoid many dangers. Timely and properly planting dog (especially rabies and leptospirosis), in terms of eating, walking, communication and other 'service' - the recommendations are the same as that for males. Purchase a commercially available multivitamin drug for pregnant and begins to take daily. Fits 'Materna' or 'Prenatal'.

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