Internet Documents But nevertheless, your money will be frozen for several months, and maybe more. In addition, fraudsters can try to take credit on your credit or guarantee (eg, 10% of the cost of credit) and retire with that money in an unknown direction. Network fraud. Receiving a "relatively honest obtaining money, which described above - this is just one of the techniques. But he did not perform without a group of swindlers. Some of them specialize in banking operations, other ads are placed on the purchase and sale of petroleum products (not only), and well as "high yield investment programs" on the Internet. Third - other than psychologists and engaged in "wired clients, using the techniques of nlp (neuro-linguistic programming). Fourth give it all legal status, giving on-mountain variety of documents, forms, documents, contracts are non-existent. Similar ads replete with the entire Internet, do so many scams? None. Just too many people, having no money, very want to earn at mediation. Scammers promise them a percentage of the transaction (eg, 2-3% of the transaction at a million dollars - have a good amount), and latter-day dealers call their friends and acquaintances. Signs that the proposal - Fraud 1. Very low price, at 20-50% below market. 2. E-mail on a free service. 3. Requirement of the following documents, the availability of such procedures, acronyms and concepts (listed English and Russian versions, with decoding): - loi (Letter of Intent) - Letter of Intent; - rwa (Ready, Willing and Able) - ready, willing and have the opportunity - the phrase in the document, which is your letter of intent, for example.
Method PDCA Diagram Such studies strengthen the importance of the use of tools of management for the success of the care and 2,2 institution Description of the Tools of Quality and its Importance Amongst the diverse tools of quality is distinguished: Diagram of Cause and Effect, Six Sigma, I redesign of Processes, Assistenciais Pointers, Program 5S, Method PDCA, Diagram of Pareto Flowcharts. The choice of these tools if gave due the same ones to provide the identification of the main causes of the problems faced for the leaders, managers and excessively professional of the team to interdisciplinar that they need to carry through corrective and preventive actions daily, to identify causes of problems, to take decisions based in data and to choose creative and efficient solutions. Diagram of Cause and Effect: (fish spine) it is one technique vastly used that shows the affinity between a effect and the presumable causes that this can be collaborating so that it occurs. It must be used when it will be necessary to identify, to explore and to stand out all the possible causes of a problem. Its potential causes represent the relation between data effect. The diagrams of fish spine are made to show the interactions between the factors that they affect a process. JURAN, (1994). Six Sigma: methodology to define, to measure, to analyze, to improve and to control the quality of each one of the products, services and processes of the company, with the final objective to eliminate the defects that affect what he is critical for the customers and the profits, (BOOKMAN, 1997). I redesign of the Process: the massive participation makes possible practical reflection in way structuralized on it day-day guaranteeing them involved people independent it hierarchic level. In the methodology of Redesenho of process it is necessary to create an environment...

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