Blade Runner How the 'Blade Runner' (Making Blade Runner) 5:00 documentary about the film, which was released 25 years ago - this is something special! In 2007, the year for a 5-disc collector's edition of "Blade Runner" took off a lot of small documentaries. They each had their own theme, which helped open people make movies in the distant '80s, as well as those who now shoots his own films, ie contemporary filmmakers influenced by the movie. For simplicity of materials from one drive called "Dangerous Days: How the 'Blade Runner' / Dangerous Days: Making 'Blade Runner', and the other "Blade Runner - Advanced Archive / Blade Runner - 'Enhancement Archive'. It took me a week to look into unhurried pace both drive. And it's fun pastime that can be except the movie itself. I learned a lot. I looked at the people who created the film, as well as those who only mentioned in the credits, but played important role in how we brought this film. I saw the actor, 25 years after the premiere, someone older, and some not at all. An indelible impression was made with the design of an episode of different things, and small parts movie (magazine covers, license plates, plastic cards). Titanic work that we might not even notice the frame, and 50% percent is not even included in the final version of the film, but these details create a unique atmosphere. Finally something for me to reveal the secret of creating special effects for this film. A year ago, when I went away for a week into the universe of "Star Warriors", I also watched open-mouthed at how the universe was created. Unlike modern movies, where almost all effects are done on the computer, then the process, even though he was more time consuming, but...
Internet Documents But nevertheless, your money will be frozen for several months, and maybe more. In addition, fraudsters can try to take credit on your credit or guarantee (eg, 10% of the cost of credit) and retire with that money in an unknown direction. Network fraud. Receiving a "relatively honest obtaining money, which described above - this is just one of the techniques. But he did not perform without a group of swindlers. Some of them specialize in banking operations, other ads are placed on the purchase and sale of petroleum products (not only), and well as "high yield investment programs" on the Internet. Third - other than psychologists and engaged in "wired clients, using the techniques of nlp (neuro-linguistic programming). Fourth give it all legal status, giving on-mountain variety of documents, forms, documents, contracts are non-existent. Similar ads replete with the entire Internet, do so many scams? None. Just too many people, having no money, very want to earn at mediation. Scammers promise them a percentage of the transaction (eg, 2-3% of the transaction at a million dollars - have a good amount), and latter-day dealers call their friends and acquaintances. Signs that the proposal - Fraud 1. Very low price, at 20-50% below market. 2. E-mail on a free service. 3. Requirement of the following documents, the availability of such procedures, acronyms and concepts (listed English and Russian versions, with decoding): - loi (Letter of Intent) - Letter of Intent; - rwa (Ready, Willing and Able) - ready, willing and have the opportunity - the phrase in the document, which is your letter of intent, for example.

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