Communication Seen From Culture This summary was created to express the importance of culture as an axis of communication and vice versa. Culture is a process that builds on the basis of the interaction that allows the man to the construction of a society and the definition of the conditions necessary to live, hence to the media today, constitute a very important part of the culture and its expansion. That is why in our times cannot be thinking or understanding communication if it is not part of the culture. Since each of these parties merely communicate and express the culture which we belong. From there was born a phrase with which I can explain the subject to be treated: as to publicize the culture if us men fail to communicate between if. The functioning of human societies is possible thanks to the communication. That is why it is impossible to talk about communication and the communicative processes when not speaking culture and vice versa, since it has always been the communicative phenomena as part of a particular culture. Communication and culture and the great study behind them occupy a wide range of research that prevail until today this encloses without explorations numbers ranging from national policy to Telenovelas Latinoamericanas. Speaking of completely generalized terms about communication and culture is very easy to convert these two terms in ambiguous conjunctions, for this reason is more complicated to find which of the two is everything, or which is more complicated in comparison with the other. After my reading criticism and trying to analyse in depth a topic as complicated, I discovered something very important within this document to be a problem that affects us frequently, so try to be as clear as possible starting with the basics: our culture forge us - individuals - us will...
North America In the vicinity of the mysterious wheel is very well known and frequently visited the trail, but in the late 1800s. Indians could not answer, who built a circle. They are only able to tell you that it was built people, "who had no iron, "which means the date the remote for about 3 hundred years from now, before coming to this land evropeytsev.Popytki archaeologists to assess the age structure can responsibly say no to no avail. Conflicting data obtained with new methods, namely, carbon method, counting the rings on the trunks, which were found in the wheel, and a comparison of the artifacts found nearby, just dated, given the spread from three hundred to two thousand years. For more than a hundred years have passed since the moment in the mid 1800s. ring was first discovered by prospectors white in abundance appear very different hypotheses about engineers and builders of the mysterious building. All as one, they agreed that the ancient Indians who are at a primitive stage of development, to build it could not, therefore, we should look to have landed in antiquity from the sea the Egyptians, the representatives of Oriental culture, such as the Phoenicians or the Chinese, Vikings, Celts, or even mysterious Atlantis. In recent years, some authors are not sure, but still is credited with magical wheel "ancient astronauts. "On the slopes of North America in order to spread the mysterious unknown as community buildings of indeterminate age. One of the unidentified archaeological myths of North America is a magic wheel from Wyoming - a large prehistoric structure, which is located above the top of the forest on a mountainside Big Horn at 10 thousand feet.

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