Permaculture The initial intention of the creator of Bill Mollison Australian Permaculture was provide groups with scarce economic means of ideas and techniques for self-sufficiency and the independence of industrialized production systems. Taking as a field of experimentation small farms with trees, House, crops, animals, and ponds, sophisticated technologies and using the knowledge about nature, is developing a production system that has crossed borders to become an alternative, decentralised and autarchic movement that is practiced in all continents, under different weather and social conditions to bring us closer to the definition of Permaculture better will compare it with other two cropping systems that are approaching and agriculture differ organic is defined as a set of techniques that do not use synthetic chemical products and favors and fosters biodiversity and the health of the soil and the beings that inhabit it. Biodynamic agriculture goes beyond using the techniques of the organic farming in a more subtle and integrated manner and considering the interplay of land, plants, animals, humans and the cosmos Permaculture is a holistic system that self-regulates by the dynamics of systems with minimal intervention, where human intelligence directs and plays a microcosm where everything works itself same. It helps nature, following their guidelines and rhythms by ridding ourselves of the heavy burden of the continuous intervention human beings we have altered the natural systems creating an imbalance by separating the different elements for over-utilizing separately this lack of interaction between the different production systems subtraction energy created synergy between the different elements of any natural system both how situational sum energies. The function of Permaculture is to create maximum benefit with minimum effort, that benefit and enrich all the components of the system, this same premise is used by existing social and industrial production both systems, but the basic difference...

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