Relationships The imperfect phase in every relationship starts after 60 days, where couples start to feel comfortable within the relationship, relax and let see your mistakes and to show such which are. But what happens if what I see I do not like really. Then begin my questions: what to do? I handle it?, I can accept it and live with it? Do I start another relationship? After the idyllic period, one may face situations that don't like your partner, for example that you are sitting in the car of his beloved, and he with a profane vocabulary against another driver, working for a bad manoeuvre. Or you go out to dinner with your girl to a restaurant, and she has no manners at the time of eating. At this point the mental projection of the perfect couple begins to disappear and instead can sadness. However always one can choose between three options: 1. OK this means that you can be with someone, recognizing that there is no perfect / but that their relationship has more advantages than disadvantages. And those advantages, have a great meaning for you. 2 Reject this means that within the imperfections that your partner has, that imperfection, that you have discovered or that he didn't recognize, you simply can't live with them. Because they are totally beyond their limits of acceptance. 3 Tolerate means to mean acceptance and a rejection of halfway. This attitude can eventually kill a love affair, because when one tolerates something outside their own borders, he lives under the shadow of sadness and discontent, and ultimately cause harm self. It is best to define what you want as a couple, before continuing with a relationship that is unable to fill their basic expectations. The most important thing would be then that before...
Survival Forces Nature and therefore the fate of the human race, needs the help of humans who are willing to contribute with all their dreams, forces and breaths. Wealth can no longer be destined to the greed of a few, but to the common welfare. Well actually it isn't money where is the problem, but our internal personal interests, in continuing to rely on a system of knowledge that already cannot be sustained. The world needs dreamers who want to improve their quality of life and the quality of life for many others. The world needs dreamers who are willing to earn and spend fortunes by transforming the ecosystem and recover the life for the survival of the human race and other essential species. Dreamers who dream to live in harmony, the human being with nature and the cosmos representing superior forces or God. Help for all, improvement for the majority. For welfare in general is that many people manages to make money. Focusing on their actions in dreams of common welfare, is how automatically they have accumulated wealth for their purposes. As if giving him the doors were opened to receive their own well-being. The money well used is of great help. Improperly used money hurts us quite rich and poor. But failure does not It is money, but what each who we focus. Acquiring best approaches we can achieve better results. Reconcile the material side and spiritual has to do with search with all the resources that we have global benefit and use all tools to enable forces to improve the life of man in harmony with other living beings and reaffirm its cosmic nature to the end. Original author and source of the article.

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