The Wire The film "Monday (Monday, 2000) In this article about the film "The Wire" I told you that many good movies have a rating of popular movie sites, 6 out of 10. Thus, these films remain unappreciated by the public. I will try to bring them to attention. The movie "Monday" just score 6 points. Do not miss it! I first met him in the transfer of "The Cult Film" with Cyril on the channel Razlogov Culture in October 2004 (I even remember the exact date - the number of 19e). Then film made deep impression on me and for many years until it was on the internet, I carried the bright memory of him. The only bad idea was tormented by "the main thing to endure the first 10 minutes of the film." So now, I start viewing waited, and when will the first 10 minutes and begin the fun part. It turns out nothing in the beginning of the extraordinary, except that there is a sharp dive in the action as it is in modern movies. Events unfold in a spiral - tranquil scene are replaced by dynamic. The film has an amazing feature that can not be found in modern cinema: the laughter is transmitted like a virus, he gets into you, and not because there was something funny, but because you start to laugh along with the hero. Such scenes in the film are few and, in my opinion, this is a great luxury - to show a couple of minutes laughing actor. It worked for me!! Feature film - a black comedy, has fully justified itself: Yakuza and exploding corpses, Left Hand Drive Cars in Japan, the sea of whiskey and a single naked woman, the cubes in the media with laughter and ammunition in his...

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