Electronic Translators The resulting English text again transferred back to the same interpreter in Russian. Have turned out completely different texts in Russian, is not it? And the one who has gone through two stages of translation, certainly, do not look like a Russian! Well, you say, let the "electronic translators - this is not the way out, but what prevents me to use the services of a separate interpreter, working only for themselves. It's much cheaper, and the effect is the same. Agency after investing money in advertising, image, rental, etc. And as a result of all this is going to pay for them is me. But there are several "buts": Who knows, the need to transfer some subjects (technical, legal, and perhaps even molecular biology) may occur by the nature of your business. All know is impossible. And your translator is not an exception. Connect with other leaders such as Johnny Cash here. You'll have to find new translators to spend their time and money, again not being confident in their competence. One major factor is the assessment of the competence of an interpreter working hours, or if you want an experience that is expressed in the volume of orders previously made on certain subjects. Say, was originally a good independent translator could have for a long time to work on legal issues, but never perform technical translation. In the translation agency is excluded. Here, as a rule, there are several people, each of whom specializes in a certain topic and has on it a good run time, as always loaded with orders of his agency. And due to what the agency has those same orders, allowing them specialist to get enough experience? Again, due to the fact that they put their money into advertising, image, rent, etc., to get...

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