Share Your News Why do people create websites? Interesting question. Perhaps, once you start reading all this, you create the site, assume that the information is laid out on it will be interesting to people and they will go to his page search of these data. (We do not consider here those who are littering the Internet obviously poor-quality resources). However, if it can be read only in one place - will be covered by a relatively small circle of people. That's it so it is worth after you add information on your site - write about it on the news resources with reference to his own. So you not only distribute useful information, but also make better known the site so that people can, for example, subscribe to its updates. The method of site promotion news. There are lots of ways to promote and advance news sites - one of them. Necessary to systematically add materials to the site. That do if you have a website made, filled and yet more is not expected any fillings? There is a very simple way - to have a website and newsletter writing news on the site. You can invent the most topics, and take mozhzhno news excuses in the press and the Internet. The main thing is not to copy the text and write your own. That he was not repeated. Then place the news on your website. Possle how the news search engines index it, it makes sense to publish it special news resources, which allow you to publish news with a direct link to the site. These resources are easily found on the Internet. One of them - the site that allows you to post news with two direct links. At this resource can accommodate the news to your site or specially...

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