Diagnostic Equipment Diagnostic equipment is divided into three main types 1) Professional multimarochnye scanners 2) adapters for the diagnosis based on computer 3) Portable scanners errors, for private use only a little more about each category: 1) the professional diagnostic equipment for large and medium-sized garages, allows you to cover a long list of makes and models of cars, has an opportunity through software updates to fill a list of supported vehicles and opportunities. Brands: Launch X 431 scanner AD-1, UltrScan, Autoboss V30, Bars iii 2) The classic formula for success for beginners and is actively developing repair garages: Computer literacy (laptop) + Adapter + specialized diagnostic software = professional level diagnostics! Benefits: - Flexible diagnosis - Multiple variation in the methods of determining fault - The program interface does not require deep knowledge in the field of computer engineering - Minimum cost for great opportunities! Brands: kkl usb, Uniscan, adp 504, Op Com, Skanmatik, vag com usb, Scan Master, Scanner obd ii 3) lit lightbulb 'Check Engine'? What should I do? Immediately take car service and lose valuable time? Now there is an alternative - portable automotive scanners! Intended mainly for motorists and workshops. They know how? - Read and, most importantly, wash error code faults, almost all automobile Protocols (OBD-II, eobd, KWP) - Some of these scanners display real-time data: engine temperature, number of turns, etc. How much space is occupied? - No work fit into the glove box cars, leaving enough space for other things. Price issue? - Corresponds approximately 5-6-diagnosis on the car-service Brands: Scan-Diy, V-Checker obd (VAG), Scanmatik equipment for chip-tuning: Devices designed to reprogram the engine control unit ('') in order to optimize the parameters of injection and ignition, as well as improve the power characteristics by adjusting the main program ecu vehicles. Brands: PBB-2, Master...

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