Internet Documents But nevertheless, your money will be frozen for several months, and maybe more. In addition, fraudsters can try to take credit on your credit or guarantee (eg, 10% of the cost of credit) and retire with that money in an unknown direction. Network fraud. Receiving a "relatively honest obtaining money, which described above - this is just one of the techniques. But he did not perform without a group of swindlers. Some of them specialize in banking operations, other ads are placed on the purchase and sale of petroleum products (not only), and well as "high yield investment programs" on the Internet. Third - other than psychologists and engaged in "wired clients, using the techniques of nlp (neuro-linguistic programming). Fourth give it all legal status, giving on-mountain variety of documents, forms, documents, contracts are non-existent. Similar ads replete with the entire Internet, do so many scams? None. Just too many people, having no money, very want to earn at mediation. Scammers promise them a percentage of the transaction (eg, 2-3% of the transaction at a million dollars - have a good amount), and latter-day dealers call their friends and acquaintances. Signs that the proposal - Fraud 1. Very low price, at 20-50% below market. 2. E-mail on a free service. 3. Requirement of the following documents, the availability of such procedures, acronyms and concepts (listed English and Russian versions, with decoding): - loi (Letter of Intent) - Letter of Intent; - rwa (Ready, Willing and Able) - ready, willing and have the opportunity - the phrase in the document, which is your letter of intent, for example.
Act Organizations Excellence, the success of an organization are determined by the culture organization that prevails in it. The perception of employees of cultural elements is what determines the organizational climate. This perception covers the feel and the way react members of an organization to the characteristics and quality of the culture of this organization. Any single organization can exist when two or more individuals together to cooperate each other in pursuit of common objectives, that they do not reach independently by individual initiative. Achieving these common goals can only materialize if people who interact in organizations, establish a strong enough psychological contract that allows them to cope in the same acting harmoniously with the norms, values, communication styles, behaviors, beliefs, leadership styles, languages and symbols of the organization. The set of elements referred to in the preceding paragraph, make up what is known as Organizational culture or corporate culture. Culture organizational, is the way organizations do things, as priorities and give importance to different business tasks. Determines the behavior of people within organizations, it is she who determines the resource rooting, roots and permanence of the human, the generating efficiency, differentiation, innovation and adaptation is one of the greatest strengths of the Organization, if this has been developed properly, otherwise constitutes one of the main weaknesses, is therefore that of present culture as a weaknessthe Organization must define programs and actions that modify the cultural elements that impede human resources to achieve identification with the Organization and develop a motivating work atmosphere. Each organization has their own culture, traditions, norms, language, leadership styles, symbols, yielding climates of papers This is why that hardly organizations reflected identical cultures, the latter are as individual as fingerprints organizations have their own identity. The organizational climate is defined as a set of properties of the...

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