Moscow Architecture What will happen to Moscow's unique architectural monument - Melnikov House? Nobody knows. But the underground garages around already been dug on the line - the new shopping center in 1927 Konstantin Melnikov began to build a house, identify the person Russian avant-garde. And the last owner of this strange building, which went down in all the textbooks the XX century architecture, was Victor Melnikov, son of the architect, has preserved for us the monument and who died in February of 2006. Idea to make at home museum is not only the father but also of himself, an excellent artist, voiced even Konstantin Stepanovich. Realizing what a burden to the Victor - to remain the master of the mansion in the Arbat and turn it into a museum, Konstantin Stepanovich in old tried to pass the State House so that the son could live in it. State that is not interested. House and then stayed in the family property. 'Understand that the triangle club them. Rusakov and circle home Krivoarbatsky alley ... is synonymous with elegance in architecture "- said the Miller on Dec. 28, 1965, speaking at an evening hosted by the Union of Architects in honor of his 75 th birthday. The House of the architect then hung his pictures. Three days later withdrawn. After that in 1967, Melnikov made only one project - Children's Theater on the Arbat. Like most of his projects and the remainder on paper. 'There is an order of the Moscow Architectural Institute N 43 dated March 17, 1936 - excuse me from professors 'classes for the persistence of change itself in his work, and in 1938 - another order - free from the leadership of architect's N 7 Mossovet' - you can read in his notes on October 28, 1976.

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