The Culture Of Ease A few weeks ago, Spanish schoolchildren of secondary have undergone is the consideration of the fourth report PISA, to evaluate the comparative knowledge of students from 57 countries. In the former, the results could not be more distressing: Spain ranked 35 in the language, the 32 in math and Sciences 31. In other words, by the tail. And, in addition, descending with respect to previous reports. It is that here we have spent Progres regarding authoritarian education of the ancien regime and so will we. The good thing about the case is that we are all aware of the disaster and nobody do much to remedy the situation. All for us is installed in what the former Minister Joan Majo termed the other day as the culture of ease. According to him, people want that things occur you made, and if this fails, protest. The next day, the new Minister of education, angel Gabilondo, coincided with him to believe in the effort and the demand, which, he argued, are values of a society entrepreneur, you don't want to waste your talent. Go by God, I say to myself: the logic begins to open a small hole in a community that until now has been awarding the indolence, the messing and laziness to creativity and merit: a collectivity which allowed up to pass school course with four outstanding subjects. As proof that these criteria of work, character, and excellence once again be valued, President Juan Vicente Herrera also pondered the effort, talent and commitment of the winners the day of Castilla y Leon, lamenting the loss of important ethical, civic and democratic values. Why, therefore if you want to recover those values we begin to require them already in schools and put the means to achieve this? Perhaps, because our politicians...

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