Installation Of Automatic Gates Gates - is one of the most important elements of the protected area, whether it be a country station, a cottage, an enterprise or organization. Any home without them it will seem uncomfortable and seemed unfinished. Regardless of whether where are the gates, they usually perform several key functions: provide a convenient entry and entry to the territory, while protecting against illegal intrusion or even just curious glances. On the other hand, the gate - it can be say, the business card of any home. Their appearance can tell a lot about the owner of the guests before the moment they crossed the threshold. Accordingly, the gate need to combine practicality, reliability, and beauty representativeness. In this article we'll discuss the automatic gate. There are several basic types of them that are different design features. Automatic gates are hinged, sliding, sectional, tilt-up, guillotine, roll-up. Depending on the type, there are some features of their installation, about this and would like to tell us more. Installation of sliding gates for this type of gate large importance is the preliminary preparation of the foundation. For the manufacture of the concrete base on the inner side of the fence ripped a hole in the side to be rolled back gate. The length of this hole should be equal to half gate width and the width - about 50 cm in the pit channel set equal to the length of the well. To him weld three metal pole. Then the pit is filled with concrete, then for 8 days, he stiffens.
Brazilian Cultural Patriotism (Part of one of the texts of the Book Concept? Brazilian Cultural patriotism? that the lawyer, researcher of art and writer Barred Dr.Ricardo V., develop since 2009, when was invited to be part of the LEAGUE OF the NATIONAL DEFENSE, in the RIO DE JANEIRO). Patriotism is the feeling of love to the native land, to its national symbols, (historical flag, hymn, blazon, countenances, natural wealth and material and incorporeal patrimony). No matter how hard always, in a next past the idea of territorial sovereignty was on, nowadays it is redefined by a much more including vision. By means of a set of devotion attitudes he stops with its native land, and for cultural the partner-educational participation a true patriotic citizen can itself be identified. Many times, the term nationalism is used as synonymous erroneamente. However, we can say that nationalism is considered an ideology, that leads to the people to be patriotic. To be a nationalist does not imply some point of view particular politician, to the one exception opinion of the nation as a principle organized basically in the politics. Now, to be a patriot implies to make something of good for its country, its culture or nation. It has different types of patriotism, and different people who are patriotic, and different ways to show as they are devoted to its place of origin. The Concept and way considered on the Brazilian Cultural Patriotism, are developed to some years for me, as lawyer, thinker, militant social and cultural, marchand, that I search to renew this feeling and with this to fortify the love for the native land and my time, by means of artistic and cultural platforms in direction to the society. a little more beyond, I also search the reinforcement of the national identity of the Brazilian...

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