Environment: The Three Rs Reduce, reuse and recycle: the formula to reduce the environmental impact on the planet. Our daily habits have a lot to do with environmental degradation. See what we can do from our habits of consumption. Did you know that by 2050 we will need two planets to live? So, we consume resources faster than our planet takes to regenerate. Countries like the United States consume 30% of the resources and produce wastes, the same percentage, 80% of the planet's forests have disappeared and 40% of waterways are no longer drinking. The worst is that the figures did not stop growing and soon there will be plenty to do. Therefore, it is necessary that we all take small actions that could reach a difference. Global warming is causing irreparable consequences. Severe droughts, causing increased water scarcity, rising sea levels that will result in coastal flooding and heat waves are some of the most visible consequences. If situation continues, the forests, fields and cities face new pests and diseases caused by pollution. Additionally, disruption of habitats such as coral reefs and forests could result in the extinction of many plant and animal species. The perfect formula acts as a routine without separating out the garbage, wasting water, leave the light on and buy disposable utensils, among many other practices, contribute greatly to environmental pollution. However, you can do something from home, office and city. Remember that 10 drops of water per minute equals 2,000 gallons of wasted water per year. Then, practical advice and useful so you can bring to the planet.
Three Cases Of The Lives Of Ordinary Borrowers And then do not pay 10 ads per cent, and 50 or more. And just because they do not set the time the major issues. What you need to ask the bankers, not to 'get the money'? Situation number 1 at a time when Olga Z. painfully wondered where to get 30 thousand dollars to restructure to get her inherited problem, the girl caught the eye of advertising reputable Western bank. The loan was promised to issue a couple of days, without tedious collection of information and Search guarantors. Credit, however, was not cheap - 28,5% per annum - but the money was needed urgently, begin 'season' in April shabashniks team was ready to begin reconstruction. The girl decided! Credit really gave a one moment. By signing the contract, Olga drew attention to an item on the Commission to 1,99%, mentally added this figure to 28.5% and thought that with 28% there and 30%. And only paid the first installment, Olga realized that there was something wrong. Give the bank 4160 dollars, multiplied for 12 months does not give 40 thousand dollars, which it expects to return, and more than 50 thousand dollars! But the fact that the commission 1,99% of the contract Olga was obliged to pay each month, and the percentage was taken with the whole loan amount. As a result, effective interest rate was not 28.5% and 68.54%! And these 'credits' on the market today - dozens and give them a solid banks, including the 'daughter' of Western lending institutions. .

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