West Nile Is it because they say it comes from Asia and not Africa and zebras do not exist there, we have chosen a name related to an animal's place of origin. And now it is not politically correct to change the place names, for that, no set plays or the color and forms of her body striped like a zebra, you know! even be mentioned. Because they say it will not fly far from their nursery when they arrive to a house no longer annoy the inhabitants, but of course, to come from Asia flying "no place" and may be chosen so choose from these cheap flights have proliferated lately and if it had been hidden in the tires of the aircraft, they will come for free flight. Will they say that its bite (chupopteros) are not going beyond a sharp pain (there are sensitive!) It seems that feed upon awakening, ie first thing in the morning or afternoon, ie before going to bed ... And the sensible do not like a blood chupadita leave a memory nothing spicy. But peace! At first, the mosquitoes arrived Rosas virus transmitted disease or serious as they say is happening in Asia. Although malaria, dengue, yellow fever, West Nile virus, are also of serious diseases that can be transmitted by mosquito bites. But peace! Is heard again here there is no such diseases! and perhaps why not transmit. Of course in this area of canals, ponds, lakes, ponds and diverse land of humidity in the midst of the recent natural park, which once was also described as a land full of "Llaunes (cans) that is typical set of water stalled, is one of the easiest places for multiplication.
Periurban Agriculture The agriculture developed in proximity of the city has always been a parallel activity to the growth of the cities. This defined practice in the last few decades " agriculture periurbana" , one has become study object recently stops investigators, students and other planners, who observe the interactions between the city and the field trying to find and to canalize the potential of this territory. The main connotations of periurban agriculture with the aim of identifying " are due to study then; strategies agrcolas" originating of some significant experiences that they can contribute elements valid to stimulate future practices of territorial planning in other periurban contexts. The analysis surely leaves from the contrapunteo between the city and the field, and therefore of the problem of the metropolitan peripheries, caused by the gradual process of consumption and abandonment of the periurban agricultural territory, even unstoppable phenomenon and that has returned to undergo in the last years a worrisome acceleration. This problematic it takes to study and to know the concept thorough periurban agriculture and to synthesize the most important directives related to the protection, promotion and sustainability of the agricultural practices of proximity on global scale, acting like it connects for a later analysis of the periurban territory on national and local scale. By virtue of this the lineamientos and directions provided by the United Nations stand out, in particular by the FAO, its work and the one of other international organisms. It emerges, against this background, the European Union, unique being at world-wide level, that has gone generated political directed to the development and the sustainability of agriculture, developing them of constant way, to do against specific situations as in the case of periurban agriculture. Two identified cases of study enter France and Italy here. The French case, offers particularly...

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