Physics And Culture: Newton X Heisenberg Raquel Lvia Birth Rodrigues When the culture of a people ahead of influences is analyzed that these had suffered, possibly sends the idea of art, religion, politics and too much aspects to it that had contributed for the standard in addition and had established its identities. However, to think that science, more specifically the Physics played and still plays an excellent role in the construction of the culture of an Age in them does not arise many arguments. Ahead of this apparent lack of bond, this text analyzes as the Physics preponderant in was determined moments of history, as much in the scientific scope, how much cultural. We will point out at two moments of history that can be considered landmarks for the evolution of the thought contemporary and for the paradigm in addition. The first one was in century XVII with Isaac the Newtons, who with its accomplishments in the field of the optics, the mechanics, the mathematics and astronomy had more made of it until century XIX the personage admired of all the times. The other was in century XX with Werner Heisenberg, German physicist honored with the Prize Nobel de Fsica in 1932, considered the greater of the posterior physicists the Einstein. He is one of the founders of the quantum mechanics and its thought has an important influence in the development of the atomic and nuclear physics. However, we do not go to enunciate its scientific facts with all its calculations, its formulas and so on, go to make an analysis of as such scientific questions had guided the thought of generations in the incorporal direction, more necessarily of the criacionismo. Newton with its theories of the movement of the celestial bodies considered that such mechanics was governed for universal gravitation e, mainly, for God, who...

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