Understanding Culture and Diversity Are with the culture definition that this study if it initiates. For such definition, one becomes necessary to evaluate the humanity as a whole through its historical evolution, without leaving of side its peculiarities, since it is in the specific cultures that if great differential between them finds. Each culture possesss its proper characteristics and this great cultural diversity cause many conflicts. To know each reality cultural all its aspects, and to enteder in accordance with what this reality represents for they live deeply that it are essential for the culture definition currently. In order to optimize the understanding of this study nowadays, it is necessary to understand the internal logic of each cultural group, as well as its activities. The cultural realities are directly on to the historical context where they are inserted; for example, the familiar cultural reality has in its daily resulted o of its historical evolution and its purchasing power, and is that the study there of culture contests against the preconception, a time that generates respect in the relations human beings. To know a specific cultural reality, it is necessary to also know its relation with other cultures, therefore it is in this intercultural interaction that if extracts understanding better. To if studying culture, possibility of if enxergar are had it as to be social, and this capacity assists in the autocrtico reasoning, and therefore, in one better interaction with other cultures. As one is about subject of basic importance, and always subject to conflicts, it is convenient to understand why of as much variation and diversity of cultures. The human groups had come all of one same origin and each one of these groups evolved of a different form, in accordance with the region where they lived, and the little contact had between groups...
West Nile Is it because they say it comes from Asia and not Africa and zebras do not exist there, we have chosen a name related to an animal's place of origin. And now it is not politically correct to change the place names, for that, no set plays or the color and forms of her body striped like a zebra, you know! even be mentioned. Because they say it will not fly far from their nursery when they arrive to a house no longer annoy the inhabitants, but of course, to come from Asia flying "no place" and may be chosen so choose from these cheap flights have proliferated lately and if it had been hidden in the tires of the aircraft, they will come for free flight. Will they say that its bite (chupopteros) are not going beyond a sharp pain (there are sensitive!) It seems that feed upon awakening, ie first thing in the morning or afternoon, ie before going to bed ... And the sensible do not like a blood chupadita leave a memory nothing spicy. But peace! At first, the mosquitoes arrived Rosas virus transmitted disease or serious as they say is happening in Asia. Although malaria, dengue, yellow fever, West Nile virus, are also of serious diseases that can be transmitted by mosquito bites. But peace! Is heard again here there is no such diseases! and perhaps why not transmit. Of course in this area of canals, ponds, lakes, ponds and diverse land of humidity in the midst of the recent natural park, which once was also described as a land full of "Llaunes (cans) that is typical set of water stalled, is one of the easiest places for multiplication.

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