Imported Beer What Russian does not like to drive fast? And what a Russian beer drinkers do not like to open a bottle of a delicious evening of imported beer and enjoy the unforgettable taste and aroma of fine drink with a rich history? All of us tasting foreign beers, a few dips into the atmosphere, far from Russia, bears, frost, birches and other such pleasant and native ear, a kind of synonyms in our country. The only thing that worried because the price of "care" in different culture, a simple bottle of German wheat have moved abroad to $ 100, in the beer glass of good Irish stout long ago broke a record price of 200 rubles. Perturbation is no limit, "where such prices? "I've been in Czech Republic was there tasty beer for only 20-25 rubles (translated into our currency, of course). All these cries and confusion are understandable, to pay for half-liter glass of beer over critical for a Russian figure "100" does not want, and there is a No small amount of truth. Let's take the example of understand, where do these price tags on imported beer in Moscow shops and restaurants. We will not touch the theme of licensed beer and prices, in the thriller "License Beer major role revolve entirely different priorities, and people. So, quite unexpectedly, we wanted to buy in the uk box Original article can be found at Wychwood Hobgoblin - 12 bottles capacity of 0.5L each. In Moscow the price tags on the beer the following: In "Bayrose" bottle "Goblin" costs 95 rubles, "Krueger Hall" - 130 rubles.
Russian Federation It Absolutely not true. In the online stores sell the same products as in conventional stores, they are subject to the same warranty and they also fall under the Law of the Russian Federation. Price is lower due to savings on rental of retail space. To fully functioning online store requires a website, warehouse and several employees. And the selection of online stores is much greater than in conventional stores. Upon receipt of your order, you get a warranty card and can in case of problems, contact the nearest service center of any manufacturer. Site not fully include the online store. It is rather a showcase site, since the functional site can only view the products and descriptions. Order is not done on the site and by phone. Here is an amateur. Perhaps, after all we will soon see a completely redesigned and multi-engine. Of advantages worth noting a lot of background information. Many interesting can be found, for example, about the city of Penza, historical facts, etc. Here the creators have tried to connect online store and information portal. In any case, "Penza-trade" deserves a solid "four". Second we considered an online store much more interesting, as to the functional and design. This store digital electronics "Technology Penza (www.TehnikPenzy.ru). He was later opened in 2008. In 2010 management decided to completely redo the store management system. In my opinion, is more interesting and more convenient. Now this is really a full-featured online store, which You can see the specifications and product descriptions, photos, read customer reviews.

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